Posted on: February 27, 2012 7:01 am

He's hiding

Manny being Manny, just in a way were not used to. When interviewed by the media, just about in every answer, Manny mentioned God. "It God's path" (whatever that means) and then truly hides so conveniently behind his newly found life as a Christian by suggesting his past, whatever past that may be, isn't even a distant memory, but gone. He is quoted as saying "When you come to God, he says to you that whatever you did in the past is erased". Is it that simple Manny? I was raised as a Christian and was always taught about admitting one's trespasses and making amends in the best way fitting. It appears that Manny has found God as a means to justifying closing the past without having to answer for it. Yes, he is serving a suspension, a reduced one at that, but is that justice? Manny is still his same proud self, so much more perhaps as he seems to be projecting a holier than thou persona. By virtue of "finding God", does that vindicate one from whatever wrongs they caused others? Yes, I am being very judgemental, but Manny needs to prove his worth as a Christian, God fearing man by not only playing to the best of his ability as an athlete (within the parameters of baseball ethics), but through his off field contributions as well. Such off field contributions include serving the community as well as giving time to fans not only during stadium hours, but during his off time as well. Let's see what type of transformation Manny has truly made as a person and as a man. If he should succeed in doing so, then I'll be the first to admit my own transgressions in failing to refrain from judging another and will indeed be the first to write a letter of apology.
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Posted on: February 27, 2012 6:59 am
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He won't stand pat, and that's the problem

Mr. Burke is going to cave; cave into the pressure of adding a spark that might, and the operative word is "might", catapult them into the 8th and final playoff position. What he'll ultimately have to sacrifice will not even come close to justify the move. He'll need to give a position player, perhaps Grabo, a tauted prospect, either Kadri or Gardiner, as well as draft picks. What a haul for Columbus, and what an absolute horrid sacrifice of the future to merely get into the playoffs with the likely potential of getting knocked out in brutal fashion in four of five games.
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